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Upgrade your life to the next level
Be in control everywhere you go - Shop now
Upgrade your life to the next level

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absolutely love the Handy Bag. I love how it gives me more independence to reach things I need. I love how the bag is made from high quality materials and is made to last. 

Kim Clark

New Zealand

Both the products and level of service from the Handy Bag Company are truly amazing.

Greg McClean

OR, United States

I received the bag already! That is sooo incredibly fast! It looks amazing and it was so easy to install.

Kim Quax


Got the bag with drink holders today, really liked the quality- looks durable. So we decided to get another one for the left arm rest. Again thank you, great product-keep up the good work.

David paterson

New Zealand

I received the bag. Thank you very much!

the bag is great so thank you! Best,


Edward Friedman

CT, United States

I’ve owned one of the products for over 5 years now, travelled around the world with it. It’s still in perfect condition, it’s so well made. I highly recommend these bags!

Alison Levine


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Be in control everywhere you go!

Who are we?

My name is Yair Zur, and I am an industrial designer from Tel-Aviv, Israel, who finds inspiration in my parents' experiences as long-term wheelchair users.

Handy Bag was established to specialize in the creation and production of premium textile items, including wheelchair bags.

When it comes to textile-made products, we ensure that every aspect of the design is uncompromised, including ergonomics, styling, user interface, and material durability. We prioritize creating products that are both functional and visually appealing, with a focus on providing the best possible user experience.

I strive to enhance the lives of individuals by offering top-notch, sustainable products. My goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives, both with and without disabilities, across the globe.


Electric wheelchair bags

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